Talking about Avengers

The first shot was a wide shot to show that Thanons first comes to the planet.Next was a close up shoot on Doctor Strange to see the Time-stone.Over the shoulder with spider-man,iron-man, star-lord looking hiding from Thanons. Than its a wide-shot to show Thanons getting crushed by a rock.Then another wide-shot showing star-lord running up to all of them.Then another one to show Thanons breaking out of the rock.Then the rest are close-ups to show they are fighting Thanons. Then its a wide-shot showing that Thanons leaving.

The spring dance

Yesterday the spring dance was boring in the beginning of it because the people that didn’t know good music but around the end people that knew  good music started choosing the music and you know when it is bad when all of the hype beast are siting down that’s what happen in the begging so my opinion  is that it was bad when it started but it was better at the end.

spring dance

So the spring dance is today and i think it is going to be bad because the last dance was soo bad they had a haunted house in the day time so it wasn’t that scary so i hope to would be better this time.

Theory’s of Fortinte

What do you guys think is going to happen after the comet hits Tilted Towers.Do you think there is going to be a big crater where Tilted was at or do you think it is going to wipe out the whole map and they will make a whole new map.I am think that they are going to make a whole new map but some people think it is going to be a desert but I think it is going to kind of be like a fallout type of map.Also what is going to be the next theme for Fortinte. We all have are own ideas  for it so comment what you guys are thinking about it.

The Fortnite hand cannon

To day i’m going to be speaking about what I feel about the hand cannon.So the hand cannon is kind of like the revolver  but it dose more damage.The reason I say that is because it has the same amount of  recoil.Also the accuracy of the hand cannon is so bad you can be right in front of  them and sometimes it misses but most of the time it misses.So that is my opinion on the hand cannon.


Mini-gun Fornite

To day I’m going to talk about what I think about the mini-gun in Fortnite. I think it needs to have better aim because the bullets go every where.Also I think it should do more damage because the epic mini-gun does 16 and the legendary does 17.But the thing is a  tactical smg does more damage than it the 17 if its rare and 18 if its epic so I would rather have a tactical smg than the mini-gun.

What it’s Like to be One of the Tallest People in HMS

Teaching Titans

Hey I’m @shadeybo41 and I’m going to tell you guys what it’s like to be one of the tallest people in HMS(Hercules middle school).The best thing is that you can see over everybody. Also everyone will try to pick you for basketball and other games you need height for.They will also ask you to get stuff in high places because they can’t reach it. Those are only a few things on how it is to be one of the tallest people in HMS(Hercules middle school).

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