Girls can play Overwatch, too.

Yes, I play Overwatch. I am a Level 30-something. No, I will not tell you my PSN name. I’ll only tell you to watch out.

Me and my sister both play Overwatch and she like a level 50-something.

Most girls don’t have a mic or don’t want to communicate with other people on their team.

So, me and @shadeybo41 work as a team in Overwatch. (Reaper and Mercy) We have this move called BS. That’s when I revive him and he kills everyone in sight. It’s really fun.

And sometimes the people who play essential roles on the team really so I have to sacrifice my character so I can be better at the role other people. I know people have ‘specialities’ but come on, I can’t be the only one to take one for the team.

Plus, I have not yet met another girl who I don’t already know on Overwatch. I know other girls do play Overwatch, but I just haven’t met them yet

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