It is close to be Halloween this is the time of the year to tell scary story’s and go trick or treating for Halloween i’m going to be reaper and @thefangirl2017blog is going to try to be DVA so we can match and btw if you are wondering where there from they are from Overwatch so those are the people that im going to be what are you guys going to be?



I would be happy to say congratulation at my friend Rashom and beonya to winning prince and princes.The parade was fun but they didn’t through a lot of candy I still wanted to win but I will get them next year.

Girls can play Overwatch, too.

Yes, I play Overwatch. I am a Level 30-something. No, I will not tell you my PSN name. I’ll only tell you to watch out.

Me and my sister both play Overwatch and she like a level 50-something.

Most girls don’t have a mic or don’t want to communicate with other people on their team.

So, me and @shadeybo41 work as a team in Overwatch. (Reaper and Mercy) We have this move called BS. That’s when I revive him and he kills everyone in sight. It’s really fun.

And sometimes the people who play essential roles on the team really so I have to sacrifice my character so I can be better at the role other people. I know people have ‘specialities’ but come on, I can’t be the only one to take one for the team.

Plus, I have not yet met another girl who I don’t already know on Overwatch. I know other girls do play Overwatch, but I just haven’t met them yet

The world of dragons

So there is this club at Hercules middle school called The World of Dragons.We play bowed games like d&d and more games like that we would love if we could get some help to get more supplies.Like more dices,and more d&d type games and help would be appreciated.We meet every after school on Thursdays until 5 at 307 and if you want to help us contact Mr.Owens on teachingtitans.wordpress.com for more info.

To day is my mom’s birthday

Happy birthday to my mom she has always supported me in every thing that I did.Like when I played football and even now when i’m playing basketball .She has never missed one of my games ever she comes to all of my practices.She always help me with my home work when I ask her.So I would like to say happy birthday to the best mom in the world.

My schedule for my blog

Hello today Im going to be talking about what Im going to try to make my schedule.So my schedule is going to be on every Monday and Thursday.If i miss one day I am sorry but im going to try to not let that happen.So that is going to be the schedule that Im going to be to be trying.

The first time I played Overwatch

So the time I played Overwatch I played it with one of my good friends.We played agents bots for like a min or two so I can find a character that Im good at.After I got used to a character we played agents other players.After a few minutes after that a cool thing happen to me  and my friend I was playing Reaper and my friend was playing Mercy. We both had our ultimate’s ready so we both ran in and there where a lot of people around me and I died so then my friend that was using Mercy used her ultimate to bring me back to life.Then right after that I used my ultimate to kill the whole team after that we won the games and I got the play of the game.So that was the first time I played Overwatch.

What my blog is going to be about.

Hello my name is Shadeybo and this is my blog i will be mostly be talking about what I do in my daily life.So I am 13 I am in 7th grade and my best friend  is Blackman and now back to me I like to play basketball and football.I get ok grades in school.I like to play games  the gaming system I have is a ps4 I play games like Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 and Friday the 13.I am very tall for my age and I am a very nice kid.That is every thing about me.(: