The Fortnite hand cannon

To day i’m going to be speaking about what I feel about the hand cannon.So the hand cannon is kind of like the revolver  but it dose more damage.The reason I say that is because it has the same amount of  recoil.Also the accuracy of the hand cannon is so bad you can be right in front of  them and sometimes it misses but most of the time it misses.So that is my opinion on the hand cannon.



Mini-gun Fornite

To day I’m going to talk about what I think about the mini-gun in Fortnite. I think it needs to have better aim because the bullets go every where.Also I think it should do more damage because the epic mini-gun does 16 and the legendary does 17.But the thing is a  tactical smg does more damage than it the 17 if its rare and 18 if its epic so I would rather have a tactical smg than the mini-gun.

What it’s Like to be One of the Tallest People in HMS

Teaching Titans

Hey I’m @shadeybo41 and I’m going to tell you guys what it’s like to be one of the tallest people in HMS(Hercules middle school).The best thing is that you can see over everybody. Also everyone will try to pick you for basketball and other games you need height for.They will also ask you to get stuff in high places because they can’t reach it. Those are only a few things on how it is to be one of the tallest people in HMS(Hercules middle school).

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I wen’t to my first basketball tournament

Last weekend I wen’t to my first basketball tournament I had a lot of fun.It was really hard though.We did really good but we where not good enough to get in first but attest in second place.It’s not that and but I would have liked to get first place in my first tournament. That’s really all I did last weekend.So until next week I will see you later peace.


I’m sorry I have not been posting I had internet so I have not been able to post so everything should be back to normal I hope I will tell you guys and girls and others if anything changes.

Cooking w/ Justin

Today I’m going to tell you how to cook One Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta.

First step: Heat oil a large pot over high heat.

Second step: Add chicken and until no pink is visible, then take out the chicken.

Third step: Add the bell peppers and onion,cooking until onion is translucent.

Fourth:Add the chicken back to the pot, with  salt and pepper,chill powder,cumin and garlic powder (or use Fajitamix) string  until evenly coated.

Fith step:Add the milk and the penne,stirring constantly to prevent any pasta from sticking.

Sixth:Cooking for about 8-10 minutes until pasta is cooked and the milk has reduced to a thick sauce that coats the pasta.

Seventh step:Add the cheese and mix until melted.

Final and most important eat and enjoy.

Cooking w/ Justin

Today i’m going to be teaching you how to make Tamale Pie.

First step:Turn oven on to 400F to preheat for Cornbread.

Second step: Cooking ground turkey fully then add Taco seasoning.

Third step:mix cornbread pack with one egg,1/3 cup of milk,1 can of corn,1/4 cup of sour cream mix well.

Fourth step: Put cornbread mixture in skillet and bake for 20 minutes on 400F.

Fith step: After 20 minutes remove cornbread from the oven poke holes in the cornbread,pour enchilada sauce over the cornbread, add cheese on top of ground turkey,cover with foil put back in oven bake for  20 minutes on 400F.

Last step: Remove from oven cut and enjoy.

So that was cooking with Justin.


New Overwatch character

The new character is Moira she is the 26th playable character.She is a new support character.She can deal massive damage as well as healing her teammates.She looks like a spell caster of sorts firing damaging orbs of dark energy,while also deploying healing beams.Lore-wise,Moira is described as a geneticist who works for talon, and also has a history with Reaper’s Blackwatch organization.From my research people say that she is a bad support player but it depends on how you play so that is my review on the new Overwatch character.


It is close to be Halloween this is the time of the year to tell scary story’s and go trick or treating for Halloween i’m going to be reaper and @thefangirl2017blog is going to try to be DVA so we can match and btw if you are wondering where there from they are from Overwatch so those are the people that im going to be what are you guys going to be?


I would be happy to say congratulation at my friend Rashom and beonya to winning prince and princes.The parade was fun but they didn’t through a lot of candy I still wanted to win but I will get them next year.